January 2020 group Newsletter

Gratitudes from Ben Michaelis
It’s with genuine gratitude that I thank you for being a part of our burgeoning community. As you may know my friend and colleague, Charles Duhigg, and I created the group to satisfy a desire we’ve heard from friends and colleagues, for an intimate, confidential setting in which high-performing individuals, entrepreneurs, artists and other creators can discuss the challenges that all of us encounter in our lives. After our first retreat in April 2018, we realized more than ever the value of inspiring these deeply thoughtful discussions. To date, we have hosted 10 successful retreats, fostered community and had some fun along the way. We look forward to continuing this journey with you in 2020.

The Year Ahead

Community – Many of the members that have attended our gatherings have expressed interest in wanting to stay connected with each other after their group experience. We are committed to strengthening the community through facilitating more events for each group. How can we improve your community experience? Why not take 65 seconds out of your day to share your thoughts?

The Family Trip – we’re excited to announce our first annual couples & family-optional group retreat. This event is designed to be family-oriented with partners and children included, with the goal of strengthening our partnerships, family & community. The event will take place over Columbus Day Weekend (October 9-12, 2020) in California. Mark your calendars – details to follow!

New Retreat Locations – we have 8 group retreats on the calendar for this year that are currently planned for New York & California. We plan on expanding our retreat locations to make the group experience even more accessible across the US. Potential new locations include Oregon and Atlanta. For alumni, we welcome any nominations.

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In the meantime, here are a few things we’re currently reading…

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 Until we meet again!
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