Newsletter Tip #2: Lend a Virtual Hand

Now is the time to help.  

Besides the obvious health implications of COVID-19, the economic damage to many people is either catastrophic or it may be soon.  With social distancing, sudden policy changes, schools closing down, businesses shuttering, and much more, many people are suffering.  Doing one good thing today will help people in need, help you feel more connected to others, and help bring home the reality that we are truly all in this together.

Here are three ideas for how to help:1. Donate to food programs, as many of our most vulnerable citizens (including children!) rely on these for sustenance:

2. Support your local businesses by ordering delivery/takeout and buying gift cards, or donate to small business crisis funds – here’s a list for the restaurant industry:

3. Do a grocery/essentials run for at-risk people in your neighborhood; get inspired by these mutual aid groups.

For some more inspiration:

Doing something (and reading about something) good will lift your spirit and remind you that life is a team sport. For real.

Stay smart, stay safe. Be well.