Newsletter Tip #4: Pick a Theme Song

Pick a theme song for the day, the week or for as long as this crisis lasts. Or collaborate on a playlist that you can enjoy and share with others. Music is well known to reduce stress.

For the past several years, my family has been in the habit of designating a song to memorialize a vacation. By doing so, whenever we hear the song years later we all remember the good things that happened during that vacation, rather than focusing on the bickering or whining that surely occurred as well. 

As we were realizing that we would be cooped up together for a while during this quarantine, my kids asked if we could designate a song for this experience. My wife and I said, sure. Now, Truth Hurts by Lizzo will forever be associated with the coronavirus for my family.

For now, stay smart, stay safe, and in the immortal words of Lizzo:  “Ima hit you back in minute…” (translation: more tips coming your way).

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