Newsletter Tip #5: Get Exercise

Get your endorphins flowing. It’s your body’s natural way of relieving stress. Endorphins are a neurotransmitter and they stimulate feelings of pleasure, well-being and pain relief. And it’s also great for your immunity – much needed during a time like this.

It can feel like a challenge to exercise while we’re under quarantine. (Is this important right now? I’m already playing triple duty.) Keeping some normalcy in our routine helps us stay grounded and we can at least try to make it a fun activity with the kids. (Speaking of which, for those of you who are curious, my family wiffle ball game is currently in the 6th inning and my wife and son are now leading 11-8… In my defense, I stopped pitching in the fifth inning.)

When you’d typically be taking the family out for a camping trip or a walk in the park this weekend, try these instead:

  • Get inspired by these free & online streaming options for workout classes: link
  • If you have the space, call a family exercise session (leap frog in the basement anyone?).
  • Go outside; so long as you’re 6ft from other human beings, you’re safe; there are no limitations on getting some fresh air (use your local park as a makeshift gym)

Other activities to help release some endorphins:

Additional Resources:

Here is a brief article I wrote this week on Medium about The Coronavirus Opportunity.For a dash of much needed funny, here is my favorite coronavirus tweet: