Newsletter Tip #10: Dance Like a Fool

Dance like a fool.

In these moments which are fraught with fears of contagion I am going to warn you right off the bat that if you keep reading you will be infected.  Not with the coronavirus.  With something far less worrisome, but extremely annoying.  If you keep reading (and click the link below) you will be infected with an earworm.  Consider yourself warned.

Last night, while doing the post dinner dishes I had a song stuck in my head.  It was a song that I haven’t thought about in years and rather than having me write the name of the song, I will let you experience it for yourself by clicking here.

I am not proud of this fact, but I am using this crisis to share my thoughts in the hopes that by doing so we can find some connection in our shared experiences.  

Anyway, I started singing one of the lines from this particular song over and over again when my son said, “Dad, if you are going to keep singing that one line you might as well just play the song.” So I did.  What followed was a ten minute dance party (I added another song to the mix, which shall remain nameless — I mean I still have some sense of shame), in which my kids and I danced on an imaginary catwalk naming novel dance moves.  

This was the highlight of my day and I strongly suggest you try it yourself (though feel free to use your own soundtrack).  Dance and rhythmic movement (even quasi-rhythmic movement like mine) have been shown to improve balance, posture, promote insight, cardiovascular health, enhance mood, integrate cognitive functioning and reduce depression and anxiety. Plus, while you are cooped up its a good way to relieve some of the tension you may be experiencing.

Until next time, dance like nobody cares (because they don’t).



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