Newsletter Tip #11: Give Thanks

Give thanks. 

If you are having a hard time with all of the sad news about the coronavirus, you are worried about loved ones’ or strangers’ health, or you are fearful about the economic impacts on your family or the world, what you should do is give thanks. 

Give thanks for things big and small. Give thanks for the things that are going right in the world.  Give thanks for the people who are working to save lives and restore health.  Give thanks for the people who are helping the vulnerable.  There are many researchers working around the clock to develop a vaccine and there are some (though definitely not all) civil servants who are trying to be helpful and responsible to humanity.  Use today to give thanks for them.

But also give thanks for the other things that we often overlook: If you are reading this you have access to the Internet and its many treasures. You probably also have a roof over your head and enough food to eat.  

What else is going right?  Did your kids brush their teeth without being reminded five times this morning? (If so, you are doing better than I am.)  Did you take a hot shower this morning? (Again, you = better than me). Did you not burn the oatmeal on the bottom of the pot? (Okay, now you are just showing off.)

I’m thankful for getting to play a small part in your lives.

What are you thankful for?


Additional Resource:

  • An app that connects foodbanks with food insecure families.