Newsletter Tip #13: Perspective

Life is all about perspective. Change your perspective, change your life.

Yesterday my family needed to leave the house to run a couple of errands, which required two people. We decided that my wife would stay home with one of the children and the other child would come with me. Under normal circumstances, neither of my children would want anything to do with a visit to the grocery store, yet here they were fighting over who got to go to the market.  They have new perspective on leaving the home.  Simple errands have become events.  Important to remember this when this subsides.

How has this experience changed your perspective? Please email me to let me know.

Speaking of perspective, for those of you who provided answers to the question posted in Saturday’s photo essay about what was captured in the picture below:

The answer is… SAP TUBES: Tubes used to draw the sap from maple trees to make syrup.  Credit to Shannon and Tim, who provided the correct answers.  When I was out for my daily walk yesterday the people that own this land were hard at work brewing up their syrup and I caught them cooking it down.  Here is a picture of the smoke which smelled so sweet that came from their barn.

For now, stay safe, stay healthy and stay sweet.  We will get through this.


Additional Resources:

  • HERE is an interesting article detailing the differences between the coronavirus and the flu.  It actually highlights some important coronavirus symptoms I had been unaware of including cognitive deficits.
  • For anyone in the NYC area who has had COVID-19 and has been confirmed via testing to have recovered, you can donate some of your blood plasma to an endeavor aimed at helping people recover more rapidly.