Newsletter Tip #16: Hope


As I was walking along in the dark this morning, snow covering my path, body, and eyes, I had to remind myself that winter is over and it’s actually spring.

Spring is the season of hope.  When nature is dormant and all looks lost, the Earth continues to spin and spring comes around to remind us that the hardened ground, frail branches and withered tree trunks have life in them yet.

How are you fostering hope during this time? Let me know.

We are promoting hope through these newsletters (at least we hope we are ;).  We are also hosting regular virtual breakfasts for the community and group calls for specific groups.  If you are interested in participating in either, please click HERE. I am also offering sessions for companies/groups in need of mental health guidance and best practices for staying well during this time.  If your community might benefit from these services, please let us know.

Hope springs eternal.



Additional Resources:

  • Promote hope through helping others: Here are some specific suggestions for how you can do it.
  • Even if you are stuck inside you can, and should, keep walking around.  Read this article by one of my favorite reporters, Gretchen Reynolds.