Newsletter Tip #17: Discipline

Discipline is making good on a commitment to yourself. 

Most people won’t miss a meeting with another person and try not to let other people down when they give them their word.  Discipline is keeping an agreement you make with yourself, which is why it feels good when you do it, and lousy when you don’t.  For people who know me personally, have worked with me, or know my work from afar, I am a big believer in the power of discipline.  It has saved me from my natural inclination towards indolence.

Although I believe discipline is important in your day to day life, it is absolutely critical when you are in a crisis.  Following a planned course of action, whether that means daily exercise, engaging in a regular meditation practice, eating or not eating certain foods, going to sleep and waking up at consistent times, or just showering every day all contribute to a sense of personal consistency and well-being that allow you to show up for the people who need you most.  Bringing the sense of satisfaction that comes with self-discipline with you when you are with others allows them to know that you keep your word and are trustworthy. And trust is the basis of all relationships.

How are you keeping your commitments to yourself during this crisis? Please let me know.

As I ponder today’s post, it occurs to me that someone (who shall remain nameless) is smelling a tad bit ripe.  He is going to take his own counsel to hit the showers before his next meeting.

Until tomorrow, stay safe, stay well, and uh, stay clean ūüėČ


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