Newsletter Tip #19: Lean On Me

Lean on me.

If ever there was a time to lean on each other, the time is now. 

Speaking of leaning on each other, one of my heros, the soulful genius Bill Withers, who wrote and performed Lean on me, died on Friday at the age of 81. My favorite Bill Withers song is Use me, but you can’t go wrong taking a stroll through his greatest hits (courtesy of Spotify). Give it a listen, melt into the gravely goodness of his voice, and have yourself a lovely day – Bill Withers style. The world is darker for so many reasons today, and I’m sorry to add another, but perhaps listening to Bill Withers’ music may brighten things up for you.

Until tomorrow,

P.S. Bill Withers music may inspire some impromptu dancing. Here’s a group that has created a “church” of dance. Seems like a good place to spend your Sunday morning.

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