Newsletter Tip #21: Food, Glorious Food

Since we are all homebodies now, many among us have started to reconsider our kitchens as something other than a place to store frozen burritos.  Some people I have spoken to are becoming bakers and exploring molecular gastronomy, while others may still be approaching their pantries with the same enthusiasm as changing a full diaper that has had ample opportunity to ripen.

If you tend towards the latter, I want to let you know about the amazing entrepreneur, chef, and nutrition + culinary coach Silu Sao.  Silu is currently offering FREE virtual cooking classes and a low cost Pantry Whisperer service to help people learn how to cook using whatever they already have at home. Feel free to pass it on to anyone who might need it.

What have you been cooking or baking? Please let me know.

Speaking of food, the citizens of Naples are using an old school approach to making sure all of their neighbors have enough to eat. If you don’t happen to live in a place where you can just let down a basket, here‘s another way you can help out.

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P.S. We are hosting regular virtual breakfasts (food not included this time around). Click here if you are interested in participating. 

Additional Resources:

  • Imperfect Produce is a produce delivery service with a goal of eliminating food waste. It’s a great option if you’ve been considering weekly produce delivery during this time.
  • Strange dreams during this crisis? You’re not alone.  Read here and here.