Newsletter Tip #22: Let It Be

The sadness you feel for people who are suffering.  The frustration over not knowing how long this will be. The lethargy that comes from staying indoors for days on end. The annoyance you experience listening to your kids nearly come to blows over whether to watch the live action or the animated version of “The Lion King” (not that I’m speaking from experience mind you, I’ve just heard that this is a major debate raging on in certain segments of the American population). How do you manage these emotions?

Let it be

Letting it be means recognizing your state of mind, making space for it, and accepting it in a non-judgmental way. The path of doing more or self improvement has a time and place, but today may just not be it. 

If the only thing you accomplish today is brushing your teeth or sitting down on your couch and watching the live action version of “The Lion King” in relative peace, just let it be.

Until tomorrow, Hakuna Matata.


P.S. For those of you who have been anxiously awaiting a score update on the ongoing family Wiffleball game, my son and wife are leading 28-24. We have paused the main action and been playing shorter competitions and my son definitely wants you to know that not only that he beat me 9-1 on Tuesday, but that it was a fair game.

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