Newsletter Tip #22: Sex

Let’s talk about…

The pandemic is seriously affecting people’s sex lives.  Let’s discuss.

Some people are quarantined alone, without access to traditional sexual connections. Some are shacked up with a partner who they dig on, while others may be living with someone who they would prefer to wall off into the friend zone, or even the The Phantom Zone.  

Whatever your current circumstances are, in all likelihood, you fall into one of two camps:

1.) Since the quarantine began you are either thinking about (and/or having) sex constantly, or

2.) Sex couldn’t be further from your mind. 

If you are in the later camp, obviously, stress depletes your libido, which is fine, unless you have a partner who is in the former, who may be experiencing what Men’s Health recently referred to as the “apocalyptic hornies.”

There have been several articles detailing this spike in sexual interest around the world, and during the past month, the online pornography industry has been surging.  None of this is surprising, given the experimental evidence that when people think about mortality they are also more likely to think about, and be interested in, casual sex, not to mention the fact that all of us are homebound, bored and wound up.

Sex is not only a physical need, it also a way to foster connection, intimacy, and closeness with your partner, which is especially important during this stressful time. If you find yourself alone during this time, know that this will pass. In the meantime, let technology be your friend – sexting, phone sex and toys are all good outlets that allow for pleasure while also maintain social distancing. 

So, in the words of Tim Gunn…

Until tomorrow,

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