Newsletter Tip #23: Finding a Higher Purpose

This past week, I began crowdsourcing tips on coping with COVID-19 and quarantine. While I’m happy to share how I’m managing during this time, I’d like to hear what’s been working for you. Please send some of your ideas and tips for coping my way and they may be featured in an upcoming newsletter. 

Here’s a tip from my friend and colleague Dr. Stephanie Levey, a fellow New York-based psychologist:

Finding a higher purpose, inspired by the astronauts

Who better to give us tips about social isolation than astronauts who spend countless days, weeks and months in isolation? Peggy Whitson, a retired NASA astronaut who has spent a cumulative 665 days in space says that for her, having a higher purpose helps her stay positive. “COVID-19 gives us a higher purpose much like being in space does because we are saving lives by quarantining,” she says. “It’s important to understand that bigger purpose and to embrace it to give us reason and rationale for continuing to put up with the situation.”

For me, in addition to helping the world by doing my part quarantining, I am including building patience and focusing on deepening relationships as my “higher purposes” during this time. What higher purpose can you find in your current situation?

The higher purpose that comes to my mind over and over again during this time is to be of service. How about you?

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