Newsletter Tip #24: Retail Therapy

I don’t value things.  People, experiences, nature, other members of the animal kingdom, yes.  But things, they’re just not my thing.  Well, at least they weren’t. Of course I had long heard of the concept of ‘Retail Therapy,’ but historically I haven’t enjoyed acquiring objects.

Then came the quarantine.

It all started a few weeks ago, when I needed to order a few items from Amazon in order to help me to work in my temporary quarantine work space: printer cartridges, some cables, a new computer monitor.  Then came the “quality of life” items — a back support, seat cushion and a foot rest.  I can easily pinpoint the change to when it moved from workstation to work optics — I made my first online clothing purchase (except for some t-shirts)– well, I could use another work shirt while I do my Zoom sessions, then well, of course, I need some comfy pants to wear “to the office.” 

Then, things got weird. 

Some of you may have noticed that I have for the first time in my life, grown a full beard during the past five weeks (something I am strangely proud of — but I digress).  Of course, I had to start researching beard maintenance, and quickly learned that only fools would shampoo a beard with regular shampoo, because that “obviously” will dry out the hair follicles.  I also discovered that the Amish favor using beard balms, and the manly biker men swear by the merits of beard oil — both of which I purchased, and then waited excitedly for them to arrive.  Shortly thereafter, it then dawned on me that if I’m going to go to the trouble of balming and oiling my beard, I should probably have high quality beard trimming scissors, and what self-respecting hirsute mountain man would be complete without a top of the line beard brush and beard comb? — which are now a part of my daily regimen. 

I’m honestly not sure where this is all leading me, other than to a well-coiffed beard of course, but I have vowed to be honest in these daily communications in the hope of making sense of all of the unusual things that we are experiencing these days.

How about you?  Any new habits, retail or otherwise?  Please share.

Warm regards, safety and health to all.


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