Newsletter Tip #25: Go For a Walk

(Image from one of my recent walks)

I am a long-time runner, but during this pandemic, I find myself going for more and more walks. I still do the occasional run – and of course the family wiffle ball game is still going strong – but the physical and mental benefit of walking is something I can count on each and every day.

As this Washington Post article points out, if you grew up playing competitive sports, you may associate exercise with competition, or the old “no pain no gain” adege. But there often isn’t much to gain from pushing through physical pain (except new and exacerbated injuries). That’s where walking comes in. 

It’s a great combination of physical and mental stimulation. Physically, it’s a low impact, whole body workout. Mentally, it helps build the mind-body connection, while leaving you with a feeling of grounding (unlike “pounding the pavement” – I’m really “running” with the workout-related idioms today). 

This mental health benefit is key, especially when many are experiencing the mental health issues that come with isolation and social distancing. So go for a walk, maybe snap a picture, and send it my way



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