Newsletter Tip #26: Go on a Fast

No, not a food fast (is that even possible when you’re confined to living within 10 steps of your snack cabinet?). I want you to consider fasting from breaking news, social media, and your phone. Think of it as the sugar, dairy, and fatty foods of the tech world.

This trifecta of things we consume can be damaging to mental health, especially right now when other interactions are limited. Breaking news can invoke panic, anxiety and despair. This article compares consuming breaking news to “drinking from a fire hose”.

You can guess how hydrated (and overwhelmed) you’d feel after that. Overdosing on social media can lead to jealousy, comparison, and feelings of low self worth. Too much screen time – phone, computer, tablet, TV, etc. – leaves feelings of malaise and depression, and can have a serious effect on your attention span. 

So, let’s plan a temporary fast. It can be for 30 minutes a day, one day a week, or however long or short is best for you. Don’t forget to tell me how you feel after.



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