Newsletter Tip #29: Create a New Habit

During this past month when our old routines and habits fell away, I’ve tried to impart the importance of replacing them with new routines and habits. I myself have integrated daily walks, not to mention these daily tips, which I hope you are finding helpful and uplifting. Member of the group, Glen, wrote to me about a new habit he’s started during quarantine. If you have a new habit or something else that’s been helping you during this time, please send it over so I can share with our growing community.  Now from Glen:

As the coronavirus upends our lives, it also provides us a great opportunity.  We are approaching Daily Tip #30.  People say that 21-30 days is enough to create a new habit.  It’s starting to look like we may still have time to create a habit, so I have a suggestion.  Handwritten notes are incredibly powerful in today’s world.  There is something magical about selecting a card, sitting down, thinking about what you want to convey, and moving the pen smoothly over the paper with your own hand.  

When I was 18, I ordered business cards; one of those deals where you got 1000 for $13, as I remember.  The cards arrived at my apartment a week later with a handwritten note thanking me for my order and wishing me success on my business venture.  I never forgot how that made me feel, and it started a lifelong habit of writing notes.  I can trace lifelong friendships and millions of dollars to hand-written notes over the last 43 years.  

As one of my ‘coronavirus practices’, I’m going through my contacts, a letter per day, and selecting someone from that letter of the alphabet to write.  I’m currently on ‘R’, so I may well get to start back at ‘A’ before things are back to any semblance of normal.  I buy cards all the time, and most grocery stores also have a card section; Next time you stock up on fresh vegetables, you can also buy a couple of cards.  If you take the time to write a card, I guarantee you will surprise and delight someone, and who knows where it will lead?

Thanks to Glen for sharing. Look out for tip #30, coming your way this Monday. 

Until then,


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