Coping with COVID-19: Daily Tip #32

Sometimes you just gotta make it up as you go…

Things were getting boring.

I got back from a grocery run with supplies for the week when we realized that there was very little room to store the food because of the food that had already been in the cupboard from when we arrived. 

So… we decided to get creative: the picture below is from a family challenge to find the oldest expired food product that had been left in the house.

And the winner (loser?) is…

My wife found a can of corn that expired in January 2004!  If anyone out there can beat that I’ve got a can of expired corn with your name on it.

In other news: one of our friends, the multi-talented, Todd Lewis Kramer (who is a great musician, by the way), is challenging himself to listen to one record from front to back each day of quarantine.  He’s sharing his experience on instagram. It’s a good example of a fun project you can do to make this time lively and engaging. 

What are you doing to keep things interesting? Send me a note to let me know.

Until tomorrow,


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Additional Resources:

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