Coping with COVID-19: Daily Tip #35

How will you remember this time in the future?

Here’s a guest post from my friend, colleague and extremely talented psychologist and coach, Dr. Stephanie Levey on looking forward to a post-Covid time. 

No regrets.

This time of quarantine and social distancing comes with its host of challenges, social isolation, anxiety around health, uncertainty about jobs and financial stability, a feeling that time is stretched out. And yet, there will also come a time when we begin our post-pandemic lives. We will look back on this period and wish we had read more, played more, rested more, walked more. Give some thought to what you might regret, what you wish you had done more of with your time. Make a list and do it now; there is no time better than the present. I wish you all health and continued focus on being present, so that you can look back on this time with fewer regrets.
– Dr. Stephanie Levey

Until the Future…


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