Coping with COVID-19 Daily Tip #38: Fatigue

No. It’s not just you. This is getting old.

Many of the people I have spoken to in the past week have told me that they are growing weary of the lockdown. This was underscored by research out of the University of Maryland, which indicated that people are starting to flout the guidance from experts about social distancing.

Yesterday, I sat down with Fox5News NY to discuss the psychology behind the social distancing fatigue that is happening all around us.

Although some of the headlines comparing the current pandemic to the 1918 pandemic have been overblownrespected epidemiologists have reported that the second wave of that pandemic was more deadly than the first wave.  It is likely that this was due to the same fatigue that we are seeing now. 

Every time you open your bubble just remember that you are trading physical risk for emotional comfort. Of course, comfort, safety and human connection are important but so is physical health and the well-being of your fellow human beings. 

Please stay the course.  Your health and the health of many others depends on it.

With warmth from a distance,

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