Coping with COVID-19: The Resilient Camperdown Elm

The Camperdown Elm.

Nature has so much to teach us if we let it.  Today’s substitute professor will be none other than The Camperdown Elm, located in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. 

Having arrived in Prospect Park in 1872, this weeping elm is living through its second pandemic. Resilient? You betcha!

The Camperdown Elm owes its existence to outside intervention because it can’t reproduce from seed. It requires someone to graft a cutting to start a new one. This process models interconnectedness (lesson #2). The Prospect Park Camperdown Elm, as all Camperdown Elms, are direct descendants from one tree in Dundee, Scotland (Not to be confused with The Dundees).  

This is the process.

Now, we are in-process. The process of getting through this pandemic safely, like the Camperdown Elm, like all those we love. We will find ourselves in a different place from the one we started, and a new resilience will be part of the result of having found our way through….together. 



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