Coping with COVID-19: Daily Mental Health Tip: Haiku!


I hope this message
finds you and yours safe, sound and
up for nerdy fun

I’ve been living on the side of this mountain for almost two months now, and conversations and activities are starting to get stale.  Sensing this, my amazing colleague, Allyson Keenan, sent me this conversation starting game to play with my family over the dinner table.  

It worked! Our dinner conversation was much more engaging than usual. We began by disclosing embarrassing stories and quickly moved on to sharing our secret celebrity crushes. This somehow morphed into talk of poetry, which led me to propose that we each try writing a Haiku about how COVID-19 was affecting us.  

It turns out I am not very original, as NPR had the same idea two weeks earlier. 

Now I present the same challenge to you. 

Can you and/or your families/friends compose a COVID-19 related haiku? Please share yours with me and I will do the same next week with all of you. 


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