Coping with COVID-19: Daily Mental Health Tip: Trade-offs

Life is all about trade-offs. 

Increase commute; decrease rent.

Increase speed; decrease accuracy. 

Increase fecundity; decrease longevity. 

And of course, the trade-off of the day:

Increase economy; decrease health. 

Yes. Re-opening the economy will yield current economic gain.  But, if we are to believe the experts (which we should), the trade-off for this choice will be additional suffering and death.

Picking up on our theme from Tuesday: As you begin to consider your next moves during this trying time, what are the trade-offs you are considering?

If you’d like some help in trying to decide your next moves, here are three resources that I have found to be helpful in informing my thinking:

This article from David Leonhardt of The New York Times highlights the four major factors to consider during this phase of the virus.

This article from Erin Bromage, an Associate Professor at Dartmouth, who teaches and researches infectious diseases, is a clear and intelligent download of what we know and how it can help guide our choices as we navigate public space in the future.

And finally, this podcast from Dr. Celine Gounder and Ron Klain with guests Rohan Nadkarni, Grant Wahl, and Peter King considers the factors about the return of professional sports and normal life.

We need to think carefully about these trade-offs because in the words of Winston Churchill: “There ain’t no such thing as a free pizza brunch– especially at Chuck E. Cheeses’ “


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