Coping with COVID-19: Daily Mental Health Tip: You and the Haiku

Wow, when you accept a challenge, you do it with aplomb! It is clear that the haiku challenge allowed you to take COVID and use it as your muse. Thank you for sharing your creations and BRAVO!

Breathe, air rushes in
Can I? Testing…air flows out
Each day, gratefully
Karen M.

Alone day and night
Measuring time by the moon
I miss Obama
Shannon S. 

I never felt this
A threshold so in question
Step across, then what?
Karen G. 

My house is so clean
I have organized the spices
Covid, 50s housewife
Beth M. 

TV streams sorrow
Picture window springs with hope
Look out the window
Richard R. 

Rooftops, chimneys, clouds
A virus view of outdoors
Sheltering my soul
Anne M. 

Today is a day,
One of the seven I’m sure. 
Which one, we can’t know. 
Diana A. 

Fear and love collide 
Will this ever be over
Fuck you corona 

Donning her mask
She feels all the grief and fear
Will it ever end

In the moment life
Is harder than imagined 
Where can we find hope

We are all craving 
Something to look forward to 
Not just same same same 

No more reading news
It all feels overwhelming 
Wishing for joy 
Lisa M. 


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