Coping with COVID-19: Daily Mental Health Tip: $20 and Housekeeping

Twenty dollars. It all started over twenty dollars.

George Floyd wanted to buy something at a local deli and didn’t have the money for it. 

So he used a counterfeit $20 bill.

George Floyd was ultimately killed because of this.  He was a man who had travelled from Houston to Minneapolis to find work and recently lost his job because of COVID-19.  Mr. Floyd did not have enough money to meet his needs, so he bent the rules in an attempt to do so.

Wherever you sit on the political spectrum, I ask you to think about times that you have bent the rules when you needed to, and think about George Floyd. 

Our power as human beings derives from our capacity to love, listen and empathize with each other. The particular and overwhelming circumstances of this moment have created a potent opportunity and we must not let it pass.  Our government and thus, we, are failing our fellow citizens by not meeting their needs, whether those needs are for money, food, or dignity.  It is long past time for all of us to be counted and make changes to our country.  If we don’t, we risk more death, more destruction and more despair. 

Now, onto housekeeping:

Housekeeping Item #1: The May Fitness Challenge

It’s June!  Which means that our May Challenge is over.  I have already started to get emails from some of you who took up the Challenge.  Great job.  I’m so pleased that you used this opportunity to be active (and given me an excuse to give to charity).  Please send me proof that you did your steps or closed your rings for May and I will send a follow up email to all of you later this week. 

Housekeeping Item #2: Changing Up the Newsletter

As we have rolled into summer and many people are starting to re-start their lives it feels like a natural moment for me to make a change from daily to weekly newsletters. I can’t tell you what it has meant to me to be a daily part of this time with you. I have been buoyed both by supporting you and by feeling supported as a result of your warm responses. 

I will send another email later this week about the results from our May challenge and then starting next week I will begin sending out a weekly newsletter on Tuesday.


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