Coping with COVID-19: Daily Mental Health Tip: Your August Challenge

…And we’re back!

You may have noticed that I haven’t written one of these in a while (or perhaps you hadn’t, in which case, please don’t spoil my illusion).

During first few months of this pandemic, I felt that one thing I could contribute is a sense of togetherness and positivity by writing daily emails and hosting frequent community calls. In mid-June I took some time off to practice self-care. But I’ve decided to fire up the laptop again in hopes of re-inspiring individual and community action.

And so, dear readers I am throwing down the AUGUST CHALLENGE. I’d like to challenge all of you to do something different during the month of August. Different can be anything: big, small or anywhere in between.  It can be building a new skill like learning how to type or picking up tennis for the first time (both of which I am doing) or committing to a new practice for the month: like walking, pull-ups (again, me) or foosball (I would, but I don’t have a table). Your August Challenge can be committing to contribute to a social movement, a political campaign (I have some ideas you if you need them) or learning a new language. Whatever you want to do to push yourself for the month, write to me here before August 1st.

I can’t wait to see what ya’ll are going to do.

Okay, get cracking!


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Is anyone out there reading any good books that they would recommend to the community? Please let me know.

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