Coping with COVID-19: Daily Mental Health Tip: Ending Groundhog Day

“In God we trust; all others must bring data.” – W. Edwards Deming 

Unfortunately, at this moment, the data about COVID-19 is not great.  In short, we are going to be in this for a while.

In order for us to keep moving forward, we all need to continue to be proactive by establishing new routines, developing flexible approaches to our lives, and making optimistic plans for the future.  Last week, I threw down an AUGUST CHALLENGE to do something different during the month of August.  A number of you responded to this challenge with alacrity and emailed me with challenges that you plan to take on. For those of you who are still considering joining in, here’s an example, just a little sample:

Joel will be doing planks every day in August.

Shannon will be doing one creative writing piece a day. (She will be using Suleika Jaouad‘s isolation journal prompts as starting points.)

Andrew will be supporting voter registration in swing states through letter writing and financial assistance. He has been using this website and offers it as a resource.

Dusty will be experimenting with intermittent fasting all through August. 

Denise, who had originally planned to be in Italy in August, will be brushing up on her Italian language skills.

Fariba will be improving her touch typing skills, adding 10 minutes of meditation and 30 minutes of yoga to her daily routine.   

For those of you who are still considering taking up the August Challenge, please let me know by writing to me here before August 1st.

For those of you who are looking to pick up a new book in August, here are some book suggestions from our community:

An Unquiet Mind  by Kay Redfield Jamison
The Heart’s Invisible Furies by John Boyne
The Heritage Road series by Judith Slawson King
And a personal favorite by a personal friend, which I am super into: Life is in the Transitions by Bruce Feiler.  I can’t recommend this book highly enough.

Go get ’em!


More Stuff

In addition to planking up a storm, Joel is focusing on voter registrations.  For anyone else who feels passionately about this (it’s important), The Registration Project does amazing data-based, impact-oriented registration of voters and then follows up to support them actually voting (vs. just registering).

What are you reading?  No, but like for realskis, What are you reading?  Our intermittent faster, Dusty, recommends checking on the reliability of your news sources via this article.

If you have any other suggestions that you’d like to pass on to the community, please let me know.

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