Columbus Day Weekend

Columbus Day Weekend
Carmel Valley, California
October 9 – 12, 2020

Join us for 3 nights in stunning Carmel Valley for our first annual couples & family-optional group retreat. This event is designed to be family-oriented with partners and children included, with the goal of strengthening our partnerships, family & community.


Join us for intimate discussions around topics ranging from how we define family,
loneliness in the digital age, nutrition for mental performance and much more.


Our retreat is invite-only with a highly thoughtful & curated group of attendees, designed to
inspire fellowship and deeply meaningful connections for individuals, couples & families.


We’ll get to explore beautiful landscapes nestled in the mountains of Carmel Valley, with
activities ranging from falconry to organic gardening to camp-style family-fun games.

Interested in attending? Let us know by requesting an invite below.