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Community Event 2021

October 8-11

Carmel Valley Ranch, Carmel Valley, CA

What We┬┤ve Learned, Lost, and Gained from the Pandemic

  • 204Days
  • 23Hours
  • 37Minutes
  • 9Seconds

What will we be doing?

Each experience of the Event has been thoughtfully designed to allow you to learn from, share with and enjoy other members of the community in a relaxed and intimate setting.
On Friday your experience will commence with a group activity and dinner. Saturday and Sunday will be spent in small group sessions where we will look backward at how the pandemic affected our lives and how to make use of the lessons we have learned during this time.
Each afternoon will also include dedicated time for activities with friends, partners and families (e.g. hiking, archery, visiting Point Lobos, organic gardening tutorial, tennis) or to just sit by the pool and do nothing at all. The evenings will include dinners and activities for adults with fun night camps offered for the kids/teens to enjoy the time.

How is this similar/ different to the group retreats?

the group Community Event 2021 will combine the intimacy of previous small retreats with the opportunity to connect with the larger community, their partners and children.
If you have previously attended one of our events you have already experienced the chance to to meet and connect with new people who you might never meet in your day to day lives. You will have the chance to reconnect with some of the people you have met before and get to know new people who were not in your original group.