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Past group Newsletters

  • March 2020 group Newsletter
    Micro-interventions to make today better from Ben Michaelis With the ubiquitous coronavirus, the unpredictability of the federal government and the gyrations of the stock market, 2020 may have you feeling a bit… pessimistic about the state of the world. I feel you. But there are small things that you can do to stem the tide of negativity … Continue reading “March 2020 group Newsletter”
  • January 2020 group Newsletter
    Gratitudes from Ben MichaelisIt’s with genuine gratitude that I thank you for being a part of our burgeoning community. As you may know my friend and colleague, Charles Duhigg, and I created the group to satisfy a desire we’ve heard from friends and colleagues, for an intimate, confidential setting in which high-performing individuals, entrepreneurs, artists and other creators can discuss the … Continue reading “January 2020 group Newsletter”